A relatively dry feel to this pretty, light brown wrapper. Aromas of hay, salted caramel, and chocolate milk entice the palate pre-light. 

A refined opening of subtle cooking spices with lashings of gentle creamy cocoa. Hardly any prickle through the nose. A perfect draw that produces an abundance of creamy smoke that coats the mouth in a way that leaves the palate in anticipation of the next draw.  

Nutty and milk chocolate laden flavours dominate the main section of this cigar producing an extremely balanced profile of subtle complexity, with an intensity that sits just under medium strength in body. 

The middle stages see the emergence of darker, more intense flavours; toasted grains, white pepper, and sticky date pudding all evident. 

Overall there is plenty of subtle transition throughout this cigar which is indicative of the Trinidad brand. Very good young, outstanding with some age. 

Aftertastes of chocolate, leather, and a salty creaminess that lingers indefinitely on the palate. Perfect construction. 

If you are into milder profile cigars, then it doesn't get much better than this. 

Box date: MAR 2006

Fingerburner rating: 96

A tightly rolled, visually attractive wrapper that unfortunately lacks any tangible oils. Aromas of cocoa and grains. 

Wonderful opening flavours of malt biscuits dipped in milk coffee are sadly muted in intensity by an overly tight, barely manageable draw. 

Age has well contributed to the complexity, evidenced by a floral dried tobacco profile at the core. Still plenty of coffee and malt throughout. 

A pleasant toasty aftertaste with medium length on the finish. A solid morning coffee cigar. 

We would have scored this higher had the draw been better - a common issue we find with short filler cigars. 

Box date: March 2007

Fingerburner rating: 82

Pre light flavours of faded milk chocolate and aged tobacco with nothing much else on offer in terms of descriptive aromas. The wrapper displays little in the way of oils or character. Perfect draw. 

Subtle opening flavours of nuts, combined with a stale, dry herbaceous note. 

In reality it's difficult to treat this as anything more than a cigarillo despite occasional glimpses of a more refined flavour profile - otherwise nonexistent in cigars of this size. 

Mild intensity with monotonous flavour delivery.

A pleasant enough aftertaste of sweet tobacco fades into nuttiness and milk coffee, ultimately leaving the palate primed for what this cigar generally fails to deliver.

Solid balance yet nondescript flavours do little to suggest this cigars falls into anything other than the 'quaffer' category.

A decent aperitif or first cigar of the day.

Box date: AUG 2006

Fingerburner Rating: 84
Aromas of salty cocoa, barnyard, and leather. Equally dusty and oily after five years of age. 

A big, burnt toffee opening with excellent balance between sweet and savoury. Toasted sourdough bread, nuts, and grains, all evident on the palate with solid intensity through the nose.  Despite it's age, there is still some concentrated white pepper prickle. 

At the core of this cigar lies the unmistakeable Upmann profile of nuttiness, sweet caramels, and occasional glimpses of honey. 

A truly complex, balanced cigar with excellent length on the finish. Flawless combustion.

Wonderful ageing potential. A definite 'must have' in anyone's humidor. 

Box date: JULY 2008

Fingerburner rating: 93
An aroma of  dried grass and espresso. 

Opens with hints of damp flora and cedar with subtle aftertastes of clove and spice. Clear moments of delicacy coexist gloriously with an underlying brooding intensity and fine balance, yet with great ageing potential still to come. 

Defined flavour concentration creates a complexity to be pondered throughout. Coming in at just over medium intensity and solid length on the finish. Perfect combustion. A classic Habano.

Box date: MAY 2010

Fingerburner rating: 93
Heavy roasted nut opening dominant through the nose with moderate tingle, subsiding quickly to toasted cereal notes and a core of Woodsy/Earthy accents. A smoked paprika build towards completion. Dry, savoury mouthfeel with good length on the finish. Outstanding combustion. Medium to full body.

Box date: MAY 2011

Fingerburner rating: 92
Lashings of salted caramel with a hint of white pepper prickle through the nose. Cedar, wood chips, and leather all combine to produce quite a robust profile for it's size. More than enough complexity to maintain interest.

A shade under medium body with perfect combustion.

Box date: APRIL 2010

Fingerburner rating: 91